About the Cornish Lime Company

The Cornish Lime Company is a dedicated manufacturer of lime based products such as high calcium mature lime putty, guaranteed at least four months old, lime mortars, lime plasters and lime washes. All of these products are manufactured here in Cornwall using high quality Derbyshire limestone.

Cornish Lime is a founding member of the Ionic Group who consist of three strong independent specialist building suppliers. Whilst all three companies operate autonomously, collaboratively the group offers competitive pricing and exceptional technical support for our customers around the country.
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Our most recent development has been Hempsulate; a lightweight insulating render made from hemp and our own lime as the binder along with other natural additions to improve the materials’ performance. This material has successfully been used in several projects and has steadily growing customer base. (See Ready Lime Mixed Mortars)

We are the South West regional 'distributor' for the St.Astier range of pure natural hydraulic limes and associated products. St.Astier is the market leader in the UK, long renowned for quality and performance having been in continuous production since 1851 with technical support unparalleled anywhere in the world.

Another product of great interest is Prompt a completely natural and incredibly fast setting cement (controllable from just ninety seconds). Regular customers for this remarkable material refer to it as an essential tool. More information.

Cornish Lime are also distributors for the Beeck range of mineral silicate paints offering a range of truly breathable paints available in over 300 colours. Beeck have been manufacturing mineral paints since the late 1890’s and their reputation for quality is second to none. The product range is unsurpassed in terms of durability, vapour permeability, light fastness and the paints are suitable for historic and contemporary buildings.

Beeck also manufacture the environmentally friendly Aglaia range of natural paints, wood stains, waxes and oils. Aglaia products can quality match any of the contemporary, chemically modified decoration products available today.
See the Breathable Paint page.

Cornish Lime have always recognised the importance of the role of sand in a lime mortar or render. The assortment of sands we carry is almost certainly the largest available in the South West with over 500 tonnes available for immediate delivery. A natural development of the sand range is an even more comprehensive range of decorative aggregates and coloured chippings with stocks again in excess of 500 tonnes.
View our range of Coloured and Blended Sands and Readymixed Coloured Mortars

Also available from stock is a range of associated products for use in building conservation such as wooden lath, animal hair, cob blocks, stone dusts, pozzolans, wooden slate pegs and lime washes. We also stock a wide range of obscure often hard to get specialist tools associated with building conservation. (See Miscellaneous Building Products.)

Cornish Lime is proud to offer first rate assistance in selecting suitable materials and supporting those products with in-depth technical information where necessary. It is this kind of service that has placed us in the vanguard of conservation materials supply.

With a reputable trade background in the care and repair of old buildings and a comprehensive understanding of historic building fabric, our knowledge base is practical and one that we strive to develop for the benefit of our customers.

The Cornish Lime Company hope that our web site will be of assistance to you and that it reflects the level of commitment we have towards a full and proper understanding of the subject matter.

Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

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