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Natural Hydraulic Lime, Lime Putty, Lime Mortars and Lime Paints

Lime goods for the repair of old buildings, allowing moisture to escape from walls, hence solving damp problems the easy and sympathetic way. These traditional building materials preserve the building fabric and are the most environmentally sound binder.

Some of our mortars and plasters are mixed to order

To avoid a long wait or wasted journey please telephone first to enable us to prepare your order for you

Lime Putty - Matured For A Minimum of 4 Months

All our lime putty is made using high calcium quicklime from Buxton, Derbyshire. Our lime putty is matured for a minimum period of four months and has an approximate density of 1350kg/m3. Lime putty is a binder and is mixed with a suitable sand to make a lime mortar, lime render or lime plaster.

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Lime Putty

Ready Mixed Lime Mortars - Premixed Natural Lime Mortars And Renders

Our ready to use lime mortars are suitable for building works, base coat lime renders and lime pointing. Made from our own matured lime putty we use only the best clean sands in our mixes to ensure our products are of the highest quality.

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Ready Mixed Lime Mortars

Ready Mixed Lime Plasters - Premixed Natural Lime Plasters

Our ready to use lime plaster products are suitable for topcoat work and internal plastering. We use both fine and superfine sands to manufacture our lime plasters which can be sponged or trowelled and then painted with a breathable paint if required.

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Ready Mixed Lime Plasters

Natural Hydraulic Limes - St Astier NHL2 NHL3.5 and NHL5

We are pleased to be stocking St Astier natural hydraulic limes. St.Astier NHL's are available in three strengths to suit all applications. NHLs will set in damp conditions and produce an earlier resistance to frost.

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Natural Hydraulic Limes

Associated Products - St. Astier Renders, Hempsulate, Binders and Plasters

Assorted products including our new Hempsulate coarse insulating render, St. Astier sprayable renders including coloured and single coat products. Stone repair products, renovating and finishing plasters and assorted renders and binders.

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Associated Products

Prompt Natural Cement - Fast Setting Cement Waterproof and Saltwater Resistant

Prompt is a very simple material which boasts some impressive credentials. Prompt is a waterproof, fast setting cement and is approved for use with drinking water. It can be mixed with sea water and is resistant to chemicals, acids and alkalis. It also has an exceptional shelf life unlike ordinary

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Prompt Natural Cement

Limewash - Traditional Decorating For Old And New Buildings

Our own traditional limewash is made from our finest matured lime putty which is available in white or a wide choice of colours. We also stock Buxton limewash which has a rich finish and provides maximum coverage.

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Lime Paints - St. Astier Breathable Paints In A Selection Of Vibrant Colours

St. Astier lime paints are available in 24 colours including white. The paints are supplied in a powder form which is mixed with water. Lime paints are completely breathable and can be used on many different surfaces to create a beautiful finish.

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Lime Paints

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