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Environmentally Friendly Emulsions, Lacquers and Glazes

Aglaia manufacture a complete range of natural paint products. Aglaia supply coatings for all types of materials in all environments and are made from purely natural ingredients thus offering a sustainable alternative to modern petrochemical based paints.

Most of our coloured paints are mixed to order.
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Contemporary Colours - A Range Of Beautiful Colours Available In Aglaia Natural Paint

Coloured to order using Aglaia's natural resin wall paint this range provides something for everyone. Aglaia's resin wall paint covers as well as any quality emulsion and contains no petrochemicals or VOC's so is highly suitable for those with asthma or allergies wishing to use a natural alternative

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Contemporary Colours

Coastal Colours - A Range Of Pastel Colours Available In Aglaia Natural Paint

Coloured to order using Aglaia's natural resin wall paint this range provides a gentle pastel selection. Aglaia natural paints are manufactured from plant extracts and contain no petrochemicals or VOC's. A Full Declaration of all products used in their manufacture is available upon request.

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Coastal Colours

Historical Colours - A Range Of Traditional Colours Available In Aglaia Natural Paint

The Aglaia Historical colour range has evolved from historical paint production methods and is a well researched interpretation of English, Welsh and Scottish colours from pigments that have been used since the 17th century. Colour to order, Aglaia paints will allow your walls and timber to breathe.

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Historical Colours

Resin 5 Star - Aglaia Natural Resin Wall Paint

A high quality full bodied natural emulsion for indoors, often covering existing painted surfaces with one coat. Recommended from a biological and ecological building point of view for creating an agreeable room climate. Especially suitable for coarse grained wall papers and lime and gypsum plasters

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Resin 5 Star

Resin 4 Star - Aglaia Natural Resin Interior Paint

Solvent-free paint covering for all coatable surfaces. Environmentally friendly and solvent-free. Can be toned with Aglaia full colour wall paint. For indoor use in living and business areas also for high humidity and high traffic rooms.

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Resin 4 Star

Full Colour  - Aglaia Natural Resin Interior Paint Available in 11 Colours

Aglaia full colour paints are available in a range of solid colours. Totally natural and manufactured from plant extracts they can be used to tone Aglaia resin wall paints or as a solid colour. Suitable for lime and gypsum plasters, recoatable old coatings and coarse grained wall papers etc.

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Full Colour

Specialist - Aglaia's Alternative Finishes Both Traditional And Contemporary

This section contains both traditional and modern products all manufactured by Aglaia. Washable distemper is highly water permeable and suitable for thin coatings on lime and clay plasters. Casein binder paint is recommended as a wall coating from both a biological and ecologial point.

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Undercoats - Aglaia's Preparation Range Of Products

When painting is it imperative to ensure that you have correctly prepared the surface to achieve the finish that you require. Aglaia have produced a selection of Precoating products to compliment their ranges.

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Primers - Designed To Compliment Aglaia's Range Of Natural Coatings

Aglaia offer a variety of priming products for all applications including compounds for walls and ceilings, grained base coat and traditional wall and wood primers.

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Plasters - Ready To Use For Repairs Or Textured And Smooth Finishes

Aglaia offer a range of plaster products suitable for interior use on old and new buildings. Renovating plaster, structural plaster, roll on plasters in coarse or fine finishes and beeckotex which can be applied to lime and gypsum plasters.

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Miscellanous - A Range Of Varied Aglaia Products For All Purposes

Balsalm lacquer thinners is a pure plant based solvent and can be used in a similar fashion to white spirit for diluting and cleaning. Beeswax glaze binder is an easy to use economical glaze which dries tack free. Fine surfacer is for levelling out minor surface imperfections.

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Wood Finishes External - Aglaia's Wood Glaze, Lacquers and Wood Protection Products

Aglaia offer a range of seventeen coloured wood glazes which are all vapour permeable along with their weather protection lacquer which is a highly elastic plant oil paint suitable for exposed timber and metal. Wood protection is a natural product for absorbent timber externally.

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Wood Finishes External

Wood Finishes Internal - Aglaia's Wood Glazes And Lacquers For Internal Woodwork

Interior lacquer is a hardwearing natural resin oil paint for internal timber and is available in full colours or a range of historical colours. Woodglaze is a vapour permeable transparent glaze which is available in seventeen colour tones.

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Wood Finishes Internal

Wood preparation - A Range Of Aglaia Wood Priming And Preparation Products

Wood impregnation primer is a water thinnable primer for untreated wood. It is also suitable as a glaze binder for wood. Penetrating primer is suitable for absorbent mineral or organic surfaces indoors such as cork floors or unglazed floor tiles. Also for priming chipboards and wood based materials.

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Wood preparation

Metal - Aglaia Products For Coating Metal Both Interior And Exterior

Aglaia have produced a range of products suitable for framework, fencing, coating steelwork, girders and bars etc. Precoaters and anti corrosion primers are recommended to ensure the longevity of the coating.

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