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Breathable, Durable, Non Toxic and Environmentally Friendly

Beecks have manufactured mineral silicate paints since the late 1890s. The range is comprehensive and unsurpassed in terms of lightfastness, vapour permeability and durability. Suitable for historic and contemporary buildings. Over 300 colours are available in their Stone, Classic and Trend ranges.

Most of our coloured paints are mixed to order.
Please advise us of your requirements prior to arriving so we can prepare your order.
See our Applications and Guidelines for BEECKOSIL and our COLOUR CARD (PDF file)

External - Beeck Mineral Silicate Paints For Exteriors

Beeck offer a range of products for exterior use. BEECKOSIL is free of artificial resins, solvents and biocides and is weather and UV resistant with a range of full colour silicate Stone Glaze or Quartz Paints.

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Full Colour - Available In 11 Full Colours For Toning Beeck Silicate Paints

Beeck full colour silicate paint is ideal for toning and shading Beeck silicate paints. It can also be used for full colour coating of all coatable mineral surfaces internally and externally. Available in 11 colours including black, brown, yellow, red, blue, green etc

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Full Colour

Specialist - Quartz Paint, Restoration Paint, BS Plus Hydrophobic Coatings

Beeck offer alternative paints for those more difficult surfaces. Quartz paint gives a lustre finish typical of limewash. Restoration paint can be used over old artifical resin based that are unable to be totally removed. BS Plus offers long-term protection whilst retaining vapor permeability.

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Internal - Beeck Insil, Beeck Restoration Paint, Beeck Quartz Paint

Beeck Insil is suitable for all interior recoatable surfaces and can be coloured to order. Quartz paint is of an absolute mineral nature and is ideal for restoration work on good condition, porous mineral surfaces. Restoration paint is a water thinnable paint with excellent adhesion properties.

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Miscellaneous - Assorted Beeck Products From Their Extensive Range

Beeck produce a wide and varied range of products for all applications. In this section you will find items such as Beeck Concrete and Stone Cleaner, Beeck Mineral Paint Brushes and assorted products to assist you in achieving the breathable and durable finish that you require.

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Primers and Preparation - Beeck Etching Fluid, Beeck Fixative, Insil Primer, Quartz Filler

As with any repainting the secret to success is to correctly prepare your surface. Beeck offer a large range of products to ensure that you achieve the long lasting, durable and attractive finish you require. Preparation is paramount and their range of products provide for all requirements.

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Primers and Preparation

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