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Interior and Exterior Paints and Related Products

When decorating old buildings it is very important to use the correct product and not modern petrochemical based paints which may cause damage and are not breathable. Lime Washes, Lime Paints, Natural Paints and Silicate Paints are a far better natural alternative allowing the building to "breathe"

Some of our coloured paints are mixed to order

To avoid a long wait or wasted journey please telephone first to enable us to prepare your order for you

Naturepaint - No Fumes, No Solvents, No Toxins, No Tins

Naturepaint offer a range of colours that are eco-friendly in terms of both their recyclable packaging and the ingredients in the paint. Naturepaint offers a breathable solution for your decorating needs.

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Brushes and Accessories - Roller Kits, Paint Brushes, Beeck And Aglaia Brushes,Dust Sheets

Cornish Lime have a wide variety of decorating products including paint kettles, quality paint brushes, roller kits, dust sheets, paint trays etc. If you cannot find what you are looking for please contact us with your requirements.

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Brushes and Accessories

Additives - A Range Of Products Such As Raw And Boiled Linseed Oil

Historically many ingredients were added to limewashes to modify their performance such as casein, tallow and linseed oil. Tallow is a type of animal fat, casein is the solid component of milk and linseed oil is extracted from seeds of the flax plant and can be used as a limewash additive.

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Pigments - A Full Range For Colouring Limewash, Renders And Concretes Etc

Naturally occuring pigments such as ochres and iron oxides have been used as colourants since prehistoric times and have traditionally been added to lime coatings to provide a coloured finish. We supply a wide range of coloured pigments suitable for many applications.

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Strippers and Cleaners - Scheidel DCM Free Paint Removers And Graffiti Removal Products

Schidel have been manufacturing paint strippers for more than 25 years. These products are DCM(CHC) free and are user-friendly. Scheidel also produce a range of anti graffiti products for the removal of tags and smears on houses, stonework, signs etc

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Strippers and Cleaners

Primers and Preparation - Precoater, Fixative, Etching Fluid, Wood Primer, Wall Primer Etc

As with any repainting the secret to success is to correctly prepare your surface. We offer a large range of products to ensure that you achieve the finish you require. This section includes wall primers, undercoats, fixative and products suitable for wood and metalwork.

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Primers and Preparation

Limepaint - St. Astier Lime Paints Available In 24 Vibrant Colours

Vibrant and beautiful, the St Astier lime paint range is the perfect compliment to lime plaster, render and harling, suitable for most backgrounds. Can be applied to gypsum plasters, lining paper, cement and lime backgrounds, bricks, blocks and untreated timber.

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Limewash - The Most Appropriate Finish For Traditional Buildings

Limewash is a traditional external and internal finish for many stone and brick buildings, applied either directly onto the masonry surface or to a coating of lime render or plaster. A good quality limewash that has been well applied will last for many years.

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Earthborn - Beautiful Claypaints, Emulsions And Wood Finishes

Earthborn offer a solution for all your requirements whether it be their ultra matt finish claypaint, water based wood finishes or their Ecopro emulsions which look like classic emulsions but are better for you and your environment.

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Liberon - Stone and Wood Paint Wax and Varnish

Liberon offer a range of products for floors, patio and garden furniture and for restoring and rejuvenating wooden furniture. Liberon has built its reputation on high quality products for the restoration and finishing of wooden furniture and antiques

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