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Lath, Fibres, Pozzolans, Dusts, Hessian and Hemp

From oak lath to bundled goat hair, coal dust to cob blocks, we stock an extensive range of the more unusual products that you may need for your restoration project. Traditional wooden lath, as well as horse hair, goat hair, and polypropylene fibres to add lateral strength to mortars and ensure the

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Lath, Hair and Fibres - Traditional Building Products For Mortars And Plasterwork

When repairing an older property the repair should ideally be carried out using the same materials as the original. Hair or fibres can be added to your mortar for extra strength We supply a wide range of traditional products for conservation and restoration purposes.

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Lath, Hair and Fibres

Mesh and Beading - PVCU Angle Bead, Corner Bead, Stainless EML, Fibre Glass Mesh

PVCU beads are recommended for using internally where high moisture or damp exist as an economical alternative to stainless steel. Fibre glass mesh is widely used to reinforce walls, roofs, flooring and wherever insulation board is used. Mesh can also be used to reinforce plaster.

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Mesh and Beading

Fabrics and Coverings - Hessian For Protecting Limework, Tarpaulins And Dust Sheets

Hessian is an ideal material to protect lime putty and lime mortar from drying out too quickly as well as protecting from frost damage. Further information on "Protecting Lime Mortar" is available - please contact us for details.

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Fabrics and Coverings

Pozzolans and Stone Dusts - Argical, Coal, Brick And Slate Dusts For Adding To Mortar Mixes

Pozzolans are commonly used as an addition to mortar mixes to increase their long term strength and to speed up the setting time. PFA (pulverised fuel ash), coal dust, brick dust, slate dust and Argical can all be used as an addition to lime mortar.

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Pozzolans and Stone Dusts

Insulation - Hempsulate Renders, Woodfibre Boards

Our hempsulate render is mixed on site to order. Made from hemp, lime and recycled minerals it is a low carbon alternative to gypsum based plasters and renders.

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Weed Supressant - Various Widths Available Cut To Size For Gardens, Patios Etc

Cornish Lime offer two types of weed supressant. Both are suitable for using underneath decking, for use with decorative aggregates and for flower beds and borders. Weed supressant allows nutrients and air to permeate but reduces watering and helps cut down on garden maintenance.

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Weed Supressant

Drainage - Brett Martin Cast Iron Style And Drainage Products

These products offer all the Architectural detailing & design of a traditional cast iron system but with benefit of using modern materials. They offer an economical & practical alternative to traditional materials suitable for both new build & renovation projects.

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Nails and Fixings - Galvanised Clout Nails, Masonry Nails,Thunderbolt Fixings, Pegs

We offer oak slate pegs for roofing in both square and round and different sizes. Fixings for traditional lath and plaster work and fixing for plasterboard are available. Thunderbolts provide single fixing for the majority of construction materials including concrete, stone, brick and block.

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Nails and Fixings

Other Items - Additives, Silicone & Sealers, Feb Products. Hemp Shiv, Cleaner

In this section you will find Feb products such as SBR, PVA, brick cleaner, tanking slurry along with Everbuild items including silicone, admix, sugar soap, brush restorer etc. We aim to be your "One Stop Shop" so if there's something you can't find please contact us.

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Other Items

PPE and Clothing - Safety Goggles, Gloves, Eyewash, Dust Masks, Hand Protection

When working with lime we would strongly recommend that adequate safety precautions are in place. We stock a range of gloves suitable for hand protection, safety eyewear such as goggles and eyewashes. Barrier creams are also available to help prevent dry and cracked skin.

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PPE and Clothing

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