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Coarse Sands, Fine Sands and Blended Sands

It's widely recognised that the sand is a most important component of a good, workable and durable mortar. When matching mortars, colour is of paramount importance and therefore, we have over thirty different sands in stock.

Please note that sometimes our blended sands are mixed to order.
To avoid a long or inconvenient delay please telephone us ahead of your visit so we can prepare your order.

Fine Sands - For Finishing Coats, Lime Plaster And General Building Purposes

One of the best selection of fine and superfine sands. We stock good, washed and well graded fine and sharp sands in a number of different colours and compositions. For topcoat work, lime plastering or landscaping and building purposes.

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Fine Sands

Coarse Sands - For Lime Pointing, Base Coats/Rendering And Building

Sands play a crucial role in the restoration and repair of your building. It is important to choose a good, washed and well graded sand for your mortar. Our coarse sands are particularly suitable for lime mortar base coat and render mixes along with general building purposes.

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Coarse Sands

Blended Sands - Our Own Range Of Blended Sands To Suit All Requirements

Using our existing stock sands we have created a range of blanded sand mixes to offer our customers more choice and variety for their lime mortar mixes. We use only the best quality sands in these mixes and hold stocks of one of the largest selections in the region.

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Blended Sands

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