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Decorative aggregates inc Chippings, Cobbles, Pebbles, Shingle

We offer one of the largest selections of coloured chippings and decorative aggregates in the region. Available from stock in full 1 tonne or 25kg bags we can deliver locally and nationally.

Please note that we also supply weed supressant which is available in varying widths for your convenience.
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Granite - A Durable And Economic Chipping Available In Four Sizes

Cornish granite is an attractive, unobtrusive aggregate. We offer 4 sizes in the silver granite and our brown granite is available in a 14-20mm size. Granite gives excellent compaction and is well suited for use on driveways and paths.

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Slate - Slate Chippings Decorative Aggregate available In Two Colours

Slate chippings are particularly suitable for areas where small children or animals are present due to the planar and relatively soft nature of this decorative aggregate. Slate is one of our most popular and versatile chippings.

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Chippings - Pink Limestone, Greystone, Cotswold, Brownstone And More

This section contains some of our most popular chippings including Pink Limestone, Cotswold, Greystone and Brownstone along with Spanish Dolomite which is a pre white 10mm aggregate. We offer a huge choice and can provide materials in full tonne or 25kg bags.

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Shingle - Beach Pebbles And Small Gravels

Our shingles are available in different sizes. They are superb for paths, borders, patios, rockeries tubs and plant pots. Good for drainage purposes as they create a permeable surface allowing water to run-off thus helping with drainage.

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Dash - A Variety Of Coloured Dashing For External Renders

The dash we supply is specifically sized for pebble dashing or harling. Traditionally using a lime mortar, stone chippings, pebbles or shells would have been applied to the mortar providing a durable and weatherproof surface.

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Pebbles - River Pebbles and Assorted Decorative Pebbles

With a classic blue/grey colour and sections of yellow these rounded stones are river tumbled. Available in one tonne or 25kg bags they are suitable for water features, gardens, rockeries and borders. Also available are polished and unpolished Japanese pebbles in assorted colours.

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Miscellaneous - 20mm To Dust, Expanded Clay Aggregate, 803, Clean Stone and Grit

This section contains a full range of hard landscaping aggregates which are suitable for patios, paving, building and all your gardening requirements. We offer our products in full 1 tonne or 25kg bags for your convenience.

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Weed Supressant - Membrane/Terram Available In Various Widths And Cut To Order

Our terram or weed supressants are designed to use in flower beds, borders, below mulch or decorative gravels. Also suitable for underlining areas such as decking and sheds. They provide protection against weeds but also help to control drainage.

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Weed Supressant

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