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Churn Brushes, Trowels, Assorted Tools and Items For Hire

We are continually expanding our range of specialist tools, with an emphasis on those for the wet trades. Competitively priced across the spectrum of quality. We offer a quality range of professional and DIY trowels along with many other tools and accessories such as hawks, floats, churn brushes.

We have received notification from some suppliers that their prices to us will be increasing. Rather than implement a global increase on all our products we will only pass on such increases as and when they occur and reserve the right to do so. Please contact us if you require further information on any particular product.

Trowels - Pointing Trowels, Harling Trowls, Bucket Trowels And More

A selection of top quality trowels from leading suppliers including CO.ME, Marshalltown and Faithfull. We stock trowels for all purposes such as stainless steel finishing trowels, plastering trowels, pointing and gauging trowels.

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Hammers and Sledges - Including Estwing, Footprint, Roughneck & Olympia

A good variety of hammers and sledges for both professional and DIY projects. If you cannot find what you are looking for in this section please contact us.

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Hammers and Sledges

Hawks and Floats - Poly Hawks, Sponge Floats, Wood Floats All In Various Sizes

Cornish Lime stock a good range of hawks and floats for plastering and rendering. Our products are suitable for lime work along with general building work. Please contact us if you have a particular requirement.

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Hawks and Floats

Bars and Chisels - Cold Chisels, Scutch Chisels, Plugging Chisels And Various Bars

Cold chisels for cutting bricks, concrete, slabs and metal. Scutch chisels for preparing stone and masonry. Plugging chisels are designed to remove mortar from between stonework. Our selection of bars for pulling, wrecking and levering heavy items.

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Bars and Chisels

Picks Shovels and Spades - Mortar Picks, Hoof Picks, Cornish Shovels, Forks And Spades

We stock a wide range of mortar picks, pick handles and heads, shovel an shovel handles and spades for building and general gardening. We are always expanding our product range so please contact us if you need to source a particular product.

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Picks Shovels and Spades

Saws Knives and Disks - Rhodius Discs, Bahco Saws, Stanley And Utility Knives

We stock grinding and cutting discs by Rhodius who are one of the leading European manufacturers of abrasive tools. A range of top quality Bahco saws available in packs or sold individually. We also supply utility, stripping, filling, putty and stanley knives.

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Saws Knives and Disks

Brushes and Brooms - Wire Brushes, Powertool Brushes, Yard Brushes And Brooms

We stock wire hand brushes for cleaning stonework and powertool wire brushes for de-rusting or cleaning stone and metal. A good selection of brooms, heads and handles is also available along with soft brushes, nail brushes and general brushes.

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Brushes and Brooms

Buckets and Tubs - Rhino Flexi Tubs, Builders Buckets, Heavy Duty Buckets

Stadium buckets are stocked by major merchants all over the UK. We offer a selection of best selling products including a masons bucket, feeder (1/2) bucket, galvanised bucket, 2 gallon and 3 gallon buckets and heavy duty buckets.

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Buckets and Tubs

Decorating Tools - Brushes, Rollers, Dust Sheets, Sand Paper, Paint Kettles

To compliment our wide selection of breathable paints we also stock good quality paint brushes for creating that professional finish. We have dust sheets, masking tape, stanley knives, rollers plus masonry brushes and much more.

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Decorating Tools

Electrical Items - Berg Mixers, Site Lighting, Cable Reels, Extension Sockets

Berg mixers are reliable and offer an efficient performance combined with the capability to mix high volumes. Our Brennenstuhl cable reels are manufactured from break resistant materials. Our inspection and site lighting is suitable for heavy duty work.

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Electrical Items

Miscellaneous - Barrows, Ladders, Sponges And Everything Else

In this section you will find all those useful things that don't really fit in any other category. Camden wheelbarrows, dog bone shaped sponges, quality aluminium ladders etc.

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For Hire - Baron Mixer, Sablon Render Gun, Whacker Plate, Grout Pump

We understand that you don't always want to have the expense of buying machinery to complete your project. We have a number of items that you can hire from us at a weekly rate including a 200L Baron Mixer, Pan Mixer, Grout Pump and Render Gun.

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For Hire

Specialist Masonry Tools - Specialist Masonry Tools - Gibson, Faithfull, Footprint, Co.Me

Having the correct tools makes any job easier. We supply top quality tools including Gibson tungsten tipped chisels, CO.ME trowels and ranges from Faithfull and Footprint.

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Specialist Masonry Tools

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