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Natural Hydraulic Limes - St Astier NHL2 NHL3.5 and NHL5

Our range of St Astier and Ionic natural hydraulic limes


The softest of the St Astier NHLs. Suitable for mortars and renders in low exposure situations on clay, cob etc

Qty 12.50/Each  NOTE: All listed prices Exclude VAT.

St Astier NHL2 25kg

Strength factor: 2 (Feebly hydraulic)
Density (volumetric weight) typical. 500 gr. / litre
Available (free) lime Ca(OH)2 after slaking: 50-55%
Shelf life: 8-12 months kept sealed and dry
Expansion : < 1mm
Packing: 25kg. Bags

A St Astier product also available in single bags or pallets
Pallet Size: 1 Tonne

Mixing: can be mixed in cement mixers.
Reworking: possible within 24 hours.

Working temperatures: not below 5C or above 30C. Make sure that high suction materials are thoroughly dampened before application. Avoid rapid drying due to high temperatures or strong winds by curing with a light water mist several times a day if necessary. Protect from frost, rain, direct sun and strong wind for a minimum of 96 hours.
See relevant sheets.
Available at the St Astier Website


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